Friend of the Friends

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The Friends of the National Institute of Nursing Research (FNINR) Board is excited to announce the creation of a special program called “Friend of the Friends.” This program is designed to give each and every person who values nursing research the opportunity to become a Friend and support the mission of FNINR. Thank you for considering this wonderful opportunity to become a Friend of the Friends.


  • A program to support the mission of NINR by becoming a “Friend of the Friends” with your donation.
  • An opportunity to honor nurse researchers, nurse leaders who support research, nurse educators who teach research, and community members who value research. 
  • An opportunity to honor the memory of someone special who valued nurse research and the impact it had on the lives of our communities.


  • By becoming a “Friend of the Friends” you will help advance FNINR’s mission and the mission of science and its role in providing positive outcomes to the health care community.
  • Your $100 donation to FNINR will entitle you to receive:
    • All FNINR Newsletters.
    • A lapel pin that signifies "Friend of the Friends" that you may wear proudly in support of nursing science.
    • Recognition at the FNINR annual NightinGala.
    • Recognition on the FNINR website.
Those chosen to be honored by you in this fashion will also be recognized at the NightinGala and on the FNINR website.



Click here for online "Friend of the Friends" donation form.

The Friends of the National Institute of Nursing Research wishes to acknowledge those who have, thus far, become a “Friend of the Friends” and extends appreciation for their support.

Ruth Anderson
Tamilyn Bakas
Marie Bakitas
Gaudia Baniter
Lisa Blair
Penny Blake
Michele Blakely
Michael Bleich
Donna Bliss
Francine Bono-Neri
Katie Boston-Leary
Marge Bott
Patti Brennan
Janice Brewington
Clyde Bristow III
Marion Broome
Helen Burns
Catherine Chesla
Linda Chlan
Jeannie Cimiotti
Loressa Cole
Yvette Conley
Cindy Corbett
Paula Correa
Karen Cox
Mollie Cummins
Martha Curley
Robin Dale
Carol Dawson Rose
Georgia Decker
Connie Delaney
Carol Devlin
Vicky Dickson
Ann Marie Rose
Karen Drenkard
Jenny Drenkard Sapolsky
Sandra Dunbar
Cole Edmonson

Lopa Fatel
Stephanie Ferguson
Donna Fick
Dorrie Fontaine 
Lorraine Frazier
Mary Ann Friesen
Susan Gennaro
Kimberly Glassman

Ernest Grant
Eileen Hacker
Ellen Hahn
Marilyn Hammer
Deb Harding
Janie Heath
Margaret Heitkemper
Keela Herr
Amanda Hessels
OiSaeng Hong
Beth Hudson
Carolyn Huffman
Pamela Johnson
Nancy Kaufman
Lisa Kennedy-Sheldon
Laura Kimble
Linda Krebs
Janet Larson
Diane Lauver
Roberta Lavin
Terry Lennie
Sally Maliski
Susan Malone
Jerry Mansfield
Ann McCarthy
Maureen McCausland 
Brandy Mechling
Bernadette Melnyk
Victoria Menzies
Donna Meyer


Zina Mirsky
Dianne Morrison-Beedy

Gia Mudd-Martin
Christine Mueller
Cindy Munro
Victoria Niederhauser
Linda Norman
Sharon Pappas
Barbara Pinekenstein
Barbara Polivka
Carol Porter
Kathleen Potempa
Chad Priest
Marilyn Rantz
Rosanne Raso
Susan Rawl
Nancy Redeker
Patricia Reid Pointe
Reynaldo Rivera
Linda Scott
Franklin Shaffer
Roy Simpson
Maureen Sintick
Kimberly Stanbery
Eileen Sullivan-Marx
Ellen Swartout
Sharon Tucker
Nancy Valentine
Joachim Voss
Karen Wambach
Jean Watson
Allison Webel
Sandra Weiss
Cathleen Wheatley
Lovoria Williams
Laura Wood
Connie Yarbro
Julie Zerwic

In Honor of

Kristin Ashford
Paula Correa
Connie Delaney
Ernest Grant
Ellen Hahn
Lynne Hall
Debra Moser
Linda Norman
Dr. Lawrence Tabak

In Memory of

Robert Hassmiller
Ellen Rudy