Ambassador Spotlight: Devon Noonan

Devon Noonan, PhD, MPH, FNP-BC
Duke University School of Nursing

What made you want to become an FNINR Ambassador?
I was interested in developing relationships with my representatives that could be mutually beneficial, where I could help them advance health in our area and where I could have influence in educating them about important initiative that I work on in the community. More than ever I see the need for policy to really move the needle on pressing health issues and this was one way to have involvement and push this work forward.

How long have you been an FNINR Ambassador?
2 plus years

What advice would you give your younger self?
In regard to this role- have fun and relax- this is about relationships and building them, not about being perfect and have the perfect pitch.

What made you want to pursue a career in nursing?
I always wanted to be a nurse even as a child- and I am not entirely sure why- I was always fascinated with the role. My mother was an educator and I see so much of this profession in nursing and that could be why (teaching, developing education plans and nurturing groups). As I learned more about the profession I have always resonated with keeping people healthy and nursing practice the focuses on health promotion and disease prevention.

What book should every nurse read?
I really liked the book We Band of Angels, I read it as a student and really loved seeing the tremendous role nurses played in WW2.

What has been your most interesting/surprising outcome while conducting nursing research?
It is not really a research finding, as my career progresses I have realized the power of relationships in everything that I do and how strong relationships with my research team, students, funding agencies, state agencies, public health and policy makers is what has advanced my science and increased the impact of my work.

What is a fun fact many people may not know about you?
The probably is not surprising given the focus of my career but I am a fitness enthusiast and enjoy running (I have run multiple marathons), HIIT and recently have taken back up surfing (or at least trying to surf) :)

About Devon

Dr. Noonan is a nurse scientist, certified addictions nurse and an Associate Professor in the Duke School of Nursing. She received her BSN at Boston College, her MS in Nursing at Georgetown University, her MPH and PhD at the University of Virginia and completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Michigan. Dr. Noonan’s research is focused on rural health promotion and disease prevention. Much of her work also focuses on tobacco cessation. She has been continuously funded by NCI for the past 8 years to examine text-based intervention approaches for tobacco cessation in rural and medically underserved populations. Dr. Noonan has a longstanding academic health department collaboration with Granville Vance Public Health. Dr. Noonan teaches and mentors students across all programs at DUSON and is the Co-Director of the Duke National Clinician Scholars Program.

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